PRODUCT REVIEW: Botan-100% soluble vegetable protein drink

Some of you have seen my Instagrams and tweets about testing a brand new, ready-to-go nutritional beverage, Botan. I was pretty thrilled when they contacted me to test their product and to see and taste this vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO drink that delivers 12g of protein per bottle (25% of the FDA’s recommended daily amount) with just 110 calories. I’ve struggled to find a non-chalky or non-silty vegan protein that is free of soy, gluten, dairy, whey, artificial preservatives. I especially like that Botan lists their ingredients in a detailed way on their website too. Botan uses pea protein, describing peas as having an essential amino acid, rich in BCAAs (branch chained amino-acids), which delays fatigue during exercise; they contain arginine, which enhances immunity; and they are rich in lysine, which promotes bone health. 

Pea protein powder is listed on the label as their protein source and the solubility is described here:

“Botan is the result of a unique and patented method designed to extract proteins from plants and make them completely soluble. We use this amazing technique, combined with a simple natural ingredient (our trade secret), and the result is a 100% soluble plant protein containing a balance of all of your essential amino acids.”

I regularly make a protein smoothie after workouts and races or as an on-the-go breakfast or lunch. I was pretty sold on just grabbing a hydrating cold bottle out of the fridge or cooler to make that process even easier. After speaking with the company founder, Edward Cannan, I was pretty convinced, that even if I didn’t like the taste, this was a brand I wanted to get behind! Edward started the company after a severe injury and used plant-based nutrition to turn his health around and regain his vitality and wellness. Edward’s passion for surfing and outdoor sports drives his education on the environmental impact of packaged products and their disposal. Botan is thinking ahead with an Earth-friendly focus, using glass bottles that are recyclable and renewable and won’t contaminate the beverages. 


Sounds right up my alley!

I received my case of Botan to test and decided to try the 3 different flavors (strawberry-cucumber, pineapple-coconut, cherry-tomato) it in 3 different ways for review:

1. cool or room temperature, as if I’ve tossed it in my bag for after a workout or race

2. Icy cold from the fridge or cooler, as if I packed my cooler with me for after a race or workout, or grabbed at home

3. Blended in a smoothie as the liquid base, as if I made it at home after a workout or as a breakfast or lunch


Botan recommends shaking the product well and drinking cold, so the first test of drinking at room temperature resulted in the product tasting sweet but not refreshing. 

Next up, I tried it cold from the fridge and it was much more tasty, refreshing and easy to drink. I ultimately put it over ice and would recommend drinking it served over ice for the best flavor and most hydrating drink-ability. This will be ideal in the winter months when it’s too cold to make smoothies.

Lastly, I made it into smoothies, using Botan as the base, adding banana and some frozen fruit. This was basically amazing during this hot summer. I didn’t need to add protein powder, sweeteners or essential vitamins-they are all already in the bottle of Botan! With just 110 calories, making Botan into a smoothie is a great way to make a recovery beverage or small meal after workouts or racing. 


I gravitated to the pineapple-coconut flavor at first but found it to be too-sweet tasting straight up but excellent as a smoothie base. 

Botan is sweetened with monk fruit and stevia and I personally think all of the flavors could be less sweet and more tart or earthy to highlight the natural flavors of the fruits and vegetables used.

I ultimately prefer the strawberry-cucumber served over ice as my go-to and the cherry-tomato.

I was surprised to find Botan so filling, yet light and hydrating and a perfect midday snack while I’m at work.

So far this product is a great addition to my training, racing and work lifestyle and I’m happy to share my experiences testing it. If you’re local to me and you want to try some, let me know! 





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